Interest Quiz

Knowing what you like to do can help you make better choices about the type of work you'll be good at.  Answer the following questions then hit the "Tally Quiz" button to find out the types of jobs you'll enjoy and for descriptions of the skills codes.
1. In my spare time I like to:

2. This BEST describes me...

3. We just got satellite TV (300 channels!) and I've got the remote... I choose to watch:

4. I am at the mall - the store I head for first is:

5. Some friends and I are having a party. Each of us has a job to do. I would prefer to:

6. If I could spend an afternoon with anyone, real or fictional, it would be:

7. I can easily understand information that:

8. I get my point across best by:

9. Everyone in my class has to do an assignment of our choice on our favourite movie. I would choose to do:

10. At the Oscars, I would be most likely to win an award for outstanding achievement in which category:



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